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Everything begins today

“When you go out to the field and thousands of people are watching you, no matter what you did yesterday or last year, everything revolves around the present …”


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"The present moment is the axis that moves everything in life. Inside as well as outside the soccer field. No matter what happened in the past. It is like when you're sick or you've been. You can’t be constantly seeking to know the reason why, you can’t go back in time and correct or change things, you have only the present time. The only concern must be to look to the future with optimism and believe that every day is the first of the recovery and that everything you want to achieve begins today."
This is the spirit I try to convey everyday and the one I want my children to learn. Children and young people have an enormous ability to look at life with a smile and optimism, but if they forget it because their reality is complicated, we all have to help them to wake up every morning with the strong conviction that they can improve their quality of life and have a great future.

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The Foundation has projects to create emotional and physical bonds between people that can help better attendance and participation in the processes of medical treatment in children and young people in activities to improve the lives of people at risk of social exclusion, and taking as a basic tool sports, with a focus on football.

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