The 28th of May, Wembley, a day to remember

  • March 15

    Eric Abidal has been diagnosed with a liver tumor. The club announces the news in a crowded press conference.

  • April 22


    The response by society and the rest of the League teams, is wonderful, with messages of encouragement for Abidal. #AnimsAbi

  • March 17

    On the 17th of March Abidal is operated for the first time at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

    On the 19th of March, before the match between FC Barcelona and Getafe FC, Camp Nou is full of encouragement banners to Eric Abidal and this video is projected on the scoreboards. #AnimsAbi

  • April 01

    Fifteen days after the surgery, Eric Abidal visited his teammates during the training session at the Camp Nou.

  • May 02

    On the 2nd of May 2011 he returns to train with the rest of his teammates on the command of Pep Guardiola

  • May 28

    On the 28th of May 2011 he lifts up the UEFA Champions League trophy at Wembley after beating Manchester United 3-1. Carles Puyol, FC Barcelona captain, had a great gesture by handing over the armband to Abidal on the final whistle and allowing him the honour of lifting the trophy.

  • August 26

    On the 26th of August he won again the UEFA Super Cup against FC Porto with a 2-0 result.