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April 20

Ricoh Imagine Change Challenge

  • Description

    Charity cycling race between London and Barcelona.

  • Goal

    Raise funds for cancer research and raise awareness of organ donation.

The tour RICOH Imagine Change Challenge is a charity cycling challenge which will link London and Barcelona powered by RICOH.

This is an unprecedented initiative that will feature over 30 amateur cyclists, mostly RICOH workers. Participants will travel about 1,500 km over 11 stages between the 16th and the 27th May 2015.

The cyclists who take part in the RICOH Imagine Change Challenge, in addition to the sport practice itself, they will pedal for a good cause. This race is performed with the aim of raising awareness in relation to liver disease and raise funds for research. Specifically, the funds collected thanks to the race will be used to identify biomarkers for liver tumors, in order to develop a more personalized treatment and better determine the prognosis of patients.

The funds raised from the tour Imagine Change Challenge will go to the Institute of Liver Studies in London and the Eric Abidal Foundation for cancer research and raise awareness of organ donation.

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