Project Description

Robot Pol & robot Abi 22


Work area: Health

Objective: Improve quality of life of children with cancer

Place:  Barcelona

Year: Start August 2017

This is a social innovation project that aims to offer children hospitalised with cancer the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience to disconnect and forget about their disease for a moment.

The project’s goal is to offer virtual encounters through a remote-controlled robot with AWABOT technology. It is controlled by the child from the hospital room through a PC with a camera and internet connexion. The robot’s two cameras – one on the top and another at the bottom – offer a complete view of the area while its seven internal microphones allow isolating the surrounding noise.

The child manages the robot and can interact with both the surroundings and the FCB first team squad through images and live sound.

Today the project has two robots:

Robot Pol

Place:  Barcelona

Year: Begining at August 2017

Collaborators: FC Barcelona / Fundació Barça

Since the beginning, the project had the initial collaboration of Fundació FC Barcelona to gave the children the opportunity to visit the Museum of FCB, the facilities of the Camp Nou or to meet the football players of the first team and interact with them.

The robot’s name is an homage to the first child who benefited from the project’s pilot test, Pol, who died some weeks after enjoying this innovative experience that allowed him to make one of his latest dreams come true: to visit Camp Nou and Barça Museum.

In 2019 we have expanded the project and connections have been made daily with different hospitals in and around Barcelona: Hospital Vall Hebrón, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Hospital de nens, Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Hospital Parc Taulí y Hospital Sant Pau. As a novelty this year, the Robot Pol activity has also begun to be carried out from the homes of children with serious illnesses through Fundació Enriqueta Villavecchia.

Robot Abi22

Place:  Europe

Year: Start on September 2019

Collaborators: UEFA / UEFA Foundation

For the 2019-2020 season, connections will be expanded in collaboration with the UEFA Foundation to connect during the previous moments to Europa League, Champions League and Eurocopa matches.