Date: February 2016

Place: Barcelona (Spain)

Objective: Fundraising for paediatric oncology research

Collaborators: Mi Compañero de Viaje

Eric Abidal participated in the recording of the single “Ama la Vida”; a project from the association Mi Compañero de Viaje. The project included creating a solidarity song to communicate the core values of the association and raise funds for paediatric cancer research.

The single was penned by musical producer José Manuel Pinto (F.C. Barcelona former player) and performed by personalities from various fields such as sports, music, fashion and television:

Eric Abidal (former footballer)

Chenoa (singer)

Dasoul (singer)

Lidia Guevara (singer)

Pedro García Aguado (TV)

Nina Urgell (blogger)

Clàudia Constans (blogger)

Gigi Vives (blogger)

Inés Arroyo (blogger)

Lucas Lorén (youtuber)

Sergi Pedrero (youtuber)

Lynda Shérazade (singer)

MisterAdryano (singer)

Belena Gaynor (youtuber)

Alejandra Castelló (youtuber)

Focusingvlogs (youtuber)

Producer: Pinto “Wahin” and JML

Songwriters: Pinto “Wahin”, Miguel Á. Arias and Mario Baro “MB”

Record label: Visceral Records

Recording and Mixing: Ten Productions

Mastering: Michael Fuller in Fullersound, Inc

The proceeds from the iTunes sales of the song will be used in the MiCompañerodeViaje’s funded research “Molecular characterization of paediatric sarcomas for more effective personalised therapy” from The Research Institute of Vall D’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona.