Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp is a project that originates from two cornerstones in Eric Abidal’s life: football and overcoming a difficult disease.

Football has always been among the foundations of Eric Abidal’s life. In fact, it was his passion and profession until he had to face a new challenge: fighting hepatic cancer. As a result, Eric created his own foundation in 2013 in order to help improve other people’s quality of life and promote clear values such as personal drive, will, effort, generosity and team work.

Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp is one of the Foundation’s projects. It not only intends to develop and improve technical and tactical knowledge of the game but also to encourage positive values that result from football practice. These were Eric’s values both on the pitch and in his fight against cancer and he now wants to pass them on to the children who attend this football camp.



  • Improve, develop and perfect football technical and tactical skills, both individually and as a team.
  • Learn and internalise football concepts through specific work.
  • Acquire and promote values worked during sport practice and apply them to daily life.
  • Practice physical activity through healthy habits.
  • Develop personal autonomy and encourage relation within a group.


Work will focus on specific objectives and contents throughout the week in ten 2-hour long training sessions. Players will have double training sessions every day for a total of 20 hours of football training on the pitch.

Language learning is a key element in Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp’s philosophy. As a result, our team is made up by bilingual professional coaches with vast experience in football training.

Languages of instruction for training sessions will be Spanish, English and French. In addition, there will be a workshop of the language of choice 4 hours a week.

What makes Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp unique is its more humane approach to encourage the values acquired and worked upon on the pitch. Every day, before dinner, there will be an audiovisual workshop to discuss the session’s objectives, skills, contents and, above all, values.

Analysing the situations that come up during training will help detect and discuss the values that emerge in such occasions.

Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp’s philosophy also stands out for the Foundation scholarships to children in social exclusion situations so they can participate in the Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp like other children, regardless of their socioeconomic situation.


Eric Abidal Foundation Football Camp will follow a proven methodology and students will be organised in two age groups: 6 to 9 and 10 to 12.

Football content is split in three large groups:

  • Technical aspects
  • Tactical strategic aspects
  • Game situations


Daily games and activities such as popular, traditional, cooperative games will intent to encourage integration and respect among children and with their team members and the environment. They will also focus on socio-emotional and cognitive competencies.

Activities will also include excursions, taking advantage of the natural surroundings of the Masia, water games in the swimming-pool, screening past and present football videos and workshops.

During the day, Eric Abidal will be present in the training sessions providing guidance and sharing his experience as a former elite footballer. Besides, the children will attend an open interview with Eric and Dr. Fuster (the surgeon who treated and operated on Eric). Here, the children will be able to actively participate by asking questions and airing their concerns.


Masia Cal Riera is located in the municipality of Puig-Reig (Camí de Can Riera s/n 08692) at the south of Berguedá, slightly over 1 hour from Barcelona.

La Masía can be reached by taking the Llobregat highway or the C-1411 road, exiting on Cal Gregori, located near the Santa Maria Merola road.

La Masía is located around 400 metres from the road, next to the textile Cal Riera colony.

1st edition

First week

From Sunday July 1 to Friday July 6, 2018

Second week

From Sunday July 8 to Friday July 13, 2018




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