The EAF & Ricoh España collaborate with Vall d'Hebrón Hospital pediatrics

The EAF & Ricoh España collaborate with Vall d’Hebrón Hospital pediatrics

At the EAF, we are very proud to collaborate with Ricoh Spain, in the ‘Pediatric Hepatology and Liver Transplant Fellowship’ of Pediatrics Maternal-infant Vall d’Hebron university hospital.

The Fellowship will fund for a year, focused on the formation of a physician at Hospital Vall d’Hebron, providing a total value of € 20,000.

This initiative supporting the fight against cancer, is part of a series of solidarity activities that the company promotes from its inception and is one of the main activities on the agenda scheduled for December, when each year, Ricoh Spain promotes various charitable activities to raise funds for a specific cause. This year the proceeds will go to the Éric Abidal Foundation.

The Fellowship will be led by Dr. Carlos Rodrigo, Chief of Pediatrics at Vall d’Hebron and professor of Pediatrics at the UAB, who points out that, “liver transplantation is complex, but in children it’s even much more complicated. In Spain only such transplants are done in four places, and Vall d’Hebrón is one of the reference centers, being 100% public, where you can transplant any organ in patients in the pediatric ward, but need training to make this type of transplants feasible. Liver cancer is the most delicate of all. There are children whose only possibility is a transplant and who need a liver to be set for life. In order to have opportunities resources are basic; actions like this one, offer these opportunities to us. The Fellowship is to train with quality and is results-oriented. ”

‘The disease of cancer is hard, those who have lived and been close to the sick are well aware. Research is vital and a lot of research can be done, but training is also key. We have decided to focus all the money we can raise for this training grant. Ricoh is a partner that supports us from the beginning and an example for many other companies. I have a dream: to find solutions to cure children and young people, and care for their families’ (Éric Abidal).

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