Date: 27 May, 2016

Place: Barcelona (Spain)

Objective: Fundraising for hepatic disease research

Collaborators: RICOH

RICOH Imagine Change Challenge was a cycling challenge promoted by the company RICOH in which over 30 amateur cyclists, most of them RICOH employees, pedalled from London (leaving on Saturday 16 May) to Barcelona, covering 1,500 Km in 11 days. The main purpose of the challenge was to raise funds for hepatic disease research and actions. The proceeds were used in a project from the Institute of Liver Studies in London to identify biomarkers for liver tumour, which allows developing a more personalised treatment and more accurate patient prognosis.

Upon their arrival in Barcelona, they were welcome by David Mils, RICOH Europe Chief Executive Officer, Ramon Martín, RICOH Spain General Director and COO, yachtsman Guillermo Altadill and Eric Abidal in a welcoming ceremony.